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My Salior and I have been dating for a couple months and we have, wait for it, NEVER MET!  Well, that's not entirely true.  About a year ago I met him through my best friend- her boyfriend and my man are a part of the same crew out of San Diego.  I thought he was such a jerk the first time I met him and never gave him a second thought until several months ago when something sparked me to contact him; since then, nothing has been the same!  He is truly the greatest guy I "know" and his sense of humor and kind, loving words keep me going every day.

I know many people (including some of my family) think I am absolutely crazy for getting myself into this, and you may too, but at 6,600 miles away he makes me more happy than someone who has been right next to me.  That must account for something, right?  I send him care packages regularly and we FaceTime/Skype as often as possible until he comes home in February. I honestly have never wanted something so badly in my life; just to be able to be on the same continent will be amazing, nevermind meeting each other for the first time!  The anticpation of that day drives me crazy and I often feel like it's never going to be here- it's all so surreal.  But- for better or worse- I feel like this decision is one of the best I have ever made and I have the utmost faith for where our relationship will go!

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